I know I loved you. I’ve never meet a person more beautiful then you. I miss your spirit. I wish you’d come back. All I can think about is how you made me feel. You left this earth too soon. I miss you so much Miracle. I know what we had felt like love but I know it was much deeper than that. We had an understanding of how organic a relationship should flow, weather it succeeded or failed. I thought about you often. I worried about you but I knew you were strong and gracious. I knew you were in control. So I sat back and enjoyed you. There will never be another Miracle Washington. People in this world should be more like you. I miss you. I wish you were here. But I know your never coming back. And I’m ok with that. But I’m angry. Because I miss you so much. I think I loved you. I know I loved you. I think my soul was falling in love with you w/o telling me. I just cared about you. Your soul was made of solid gold. Life will go on and you will never be forgotten by anyone who you've ever spent a second with. That’s all it took for you to impact  people. I've never lost someone so close. 

It’s going to be ok Miracle. You knew it just as much as i do. I just miss you that’s all.


January 21 1991 – July 14 2016

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I think I can speak for a lot of people and say that the internet is the best of a bad situation. To elaborate as a photographer, it is almost torture seeing the billions of photos travel through the internet. I'd like to say I take pride in every single photograph I take but I cant. Most of the time whether good photo or bad, it's all practice. 

But what is a good or a bad photo?? 

I think.. that photographs tell stories, especially the ones that are good

Happy belated Easter