Giovanni is a Baltimore based freelance photographer. 

         In high school, he chose graffiti as an output for his teenage frustration. After a theft of majority of his work, the drive to continue in the graffiti had withered away by the beginning of college. Though his artistic integrity was placed into school work, Giovanni would later find his true artistic calling. 

         Since August 2009, photography has been more important to him than much of anything else. While studying Marketing at Morgan State University, Giovanni taught himself the manual exposures of a DSLR, experimented with different compositions, and challenge himself with many different photography ventures. From weddings, events, model and landscape photography, he has dove head first into freelance photography.

         After graduating from Morgan with a degree in Marketing, Giovanni feels his photographic direction is endless. Whether interacting with new people, learning more about different cultures, discovering new parts of the world; Giovanni could only agree that he documents life from a perspective that only he could explain through photographs.