I am not a writer. This is my experience at AfropunkBK2016 with my gold super clamp.

This year’s Afropunk was absolutely incredible. I’ve only been one other time and I had an amazing time then so when I decided to go this year, I had great expectations. Not to say I thought it would be a bust, I was just excited that’s all.

It all started the Friday before I drove to New York. While packing, I had this leaf gold frame staring me in my face waiting for me to put a photo in it. I’ve only had it for a few weeks but after some failed prints, it just kinda sat there. Until I had an aha! moment. “Maybe I’ll have people hold it up and take a photo with it at Afropunk”, I said. So I tried to test it out in the mirror and I felt to obligate to hold it and take a photo. I figured people want to be comfortable when they take a photo so how can I suspended it? Well, after quick & careful thought I realized that suspending it was going to be difficult so I put a few pieces of photographic equipment to use and in 10 minutes I had the most beautiful contraption I had ever created. Most may not care but I knew this was something cool. The minute I attached that solid gold leaf frame to it I felt its radiance. I felt what the sun would do to it once it touched its gold leafy-ness (I’m not that good with words so sue me).

Skip, Skip boom! I’m at AFROPUNKKKKK!!! Hyped and full of energy to just land my contraption down on one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. There were at least 5,000 people there. Just ready to be free and leave all of those stresses at the door. Sure we all go through stuff.. Some more than others but you know, we can’t let that dictate out life. Learn from everything. Life is always about learning.

Anyways, the first time I put the frame down I was by the foot truck station. Immediately it just took its own place. The sun shined so bright on it and it was majestic. Just looking at it was amazing. I mean, just breathtaking. So it’s time to shoot. I picked it up and headed on into the festival. Everywhere I went I was just happy. I saw people I knew from home, people I hadn’t seen in a month of Sundays, the energy was just there.

When I started taking portraits of people with it, I literally didn’t need to do anything. People gravitated to this thing as if it was the sun and they were the planets living off of it gravitational pull. I must have too 300 photos. I try not to take so many and wait for something to spark my trigger finger. Luck of the draw I guess. I walked most of the festival with my frame and it felt good. I think I’m going to continue my frame idea. I miss shooting people and this has certainly sparked my interest again.

If I had to change anything, I’d use flash more. I would have but I was nervous about my battery life since I only used my Fuji X30.